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Moments by Brad Reed

Brad Reed

Todd Reed (left) and Brad Reed (right)

Brad’s journey as a photographer started as a young boy growing up in Ludington. His father, Todd Reed, was the photographer for the Ludington Daily Newspaper. Fortunately for him, his dad encouraged him to follow him around town and the countryside while he took pictures. Brad always jumped at the chance, even if he had to carry the camera bag or the tripod. Little did he know that even without a camera of my own, he was learning how to “see” great photographs from one of the best.

Todd taught Brad that the key to great photographs is what he calls “magic light.” Without great light, beautiful scenes usually look dull and uninteresting. Unfortunately, “magic light” is hard to come by, so a great photographer needs to also have extraordinary patience and stick-to-it-iveness. Oftentimes, that means going back to the same scene over and over again until the light is just right. The extra effort almost always pays off.

The beauty of photography is that it is such a personal journey. Brad tends to see the world in a more abstract fashion than his father does. Todd is the master of the large scenic pictures. Brad, on the other hand, often finds himself taking pictures of objects that are within ten feet of his camera.

When he is not taking photographs, Brad enjoys spending time with his wife Betsy. He also helps coach soccer at the high school in Ludington and enjoy hunting, downhill skiing, classic cars, and hanging out with his family and friends.

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